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Comunicados de prensa

Comunicados de prensa

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Informaciones actuales

2018-11-16 – SPS IPC Drives 2018 preview -Solutions for smart production

At this year's SPS IPC Drives show, Mitsubishi Electric will present a variety of technologies for enabling digital transformation in manufacturing. As a solution partner for smart manufacturing, Mitsubishi Electric will be showing applications for engineering, production and maintenance.

2018-08-06 – Mitsubishi Electric adquiere ASTES4 SA de Suiza

La compra estratégica de los sistemas automatizados de clasificación de chapa ASTES4 SA reforzará el negocio global de máquinas de procesamiento láser de Mitsubishi Electric. Con sede en Suiza, ASTES4 SA (ASTES4) se dedica al desarrollo, producción y venta de soluciones de clasificación automatizada patentadas para máquinas de procesamiento láser de chapa metálica. Como filial al cien por cien, l

2016-05-31 – New solution from Mitsubishi Electric

High-speed contact image sensor offers compact, distortion-free alternative to line scan cameras. Mitsubishi Electric has responded to the needs of the surface inspection market, in particular within the print industry, with the launch of a high-speed version of its contact image sensor (CIS), distributed under the name Mitsubishi Electric Line Scan Bar...

2016-04-28 – Mitsubishi Electric's iQ Platform and Standard PLC Open Function Blocks reduce time to market for packaging machines

Mitsubishi Electric will be using a tubular bag machine to demonstrate its packaging machine engineering expertise at Hanover Trade Fair. The trade fair application is based on Mitsubishi Electric's automation iQ Platform. The system uses predefined function blocks especially for packaging machines which can be used to set up control systems including HMIs quickly and easily. The program ...

2016-03-17 – New - Mitsubishi Electric powered Delta robots from Codian Robotics

Mitsubishi Electric’s popular MELFA range of compact SCARA and articulated arm robots has been effectively extended by the introduction of new Delta style robots from well-known manufacturer Codian Robotics. Employing high precision servo motion technology and easy to use software from Mitsubishi Electric the new range is fast, precise and user friendly. Ideal for lightweight pick-and-place...

2016-03-22 – Preparing pharmaceutical and medical technology for the future

Production environment requirements in the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors are very high. Not least, the strict cleanroom criteria present a particular challenge. In order to survive in a highly competitive market, companies also need to make sure that they increase their production effectiveness and minimise costs. Current trends include process optimisation for the purpose of ...

2016-03-15 – Mitsubishi Electric integrates own Factory Automation products to optimise building management processes

The Factory Automation Division of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. has installed an extensive range of building automation and security products in the newly built German Branch in Ratingen. The products and solutions can be used for a variety of applications, for example quantifying, measuring, displaying, recording and monitoring current and voltage flows around the building. All the data ...

2016-03-10 – New compact high-end HMI acts as automation system gateway

Mitsubishi Electric has added a new model to its high-end range of HMIs (human machine interfaces) which can act as a gateway device to an entire automation system. The GT2705 completes the current GT27 series line-up offering a 5.7 inch TFT touch screen, gesture control and high-performance graphics processing in addition to its extensive connectivity capabilities.

2016-03-08 – Mitsubishi Electric anuncia su participación en la Feria BIEMH de Bilbao

Mitsubishi Electric innova en tecnologia de automatización para mejorar para mejorar la competividad de fabricantes de maquinaria. Del 30 de Mayo al 4 de Junio en Bilbao

2015-11-27 – New medium voltage inverter meets the challenges of today with the technology of tomorrow

Mitsubishi Electric are launching a range of innovative medium voltage inverter drives at SPS IPC Drives 2015 (Nuremberg 24-26 November 2015), which are designed for both the current and future energy needs of industry. The drives are compact and modular, allowing for flexible installation in confined areas and deliver industry-leading energy efficiency with advanced IGBTs ...

2015-11-27 – Safer and more productive interaction between humans and robots enabled by MELFA SafePlus and safety sensor technology

At SPS IPC Drives 2015, Mitsubishi Electric, together with its system partner MH Elektro-Steuerungstechnik, are presenting an industrial robot that enables humans and robots to work together more safely and effectively during large batch production within closely confined work cells. In order to do that, an industrial robot from the MELFA F series of Mitsubishi Electric has been equipped with...

2015-11-27 – SPS 2015 - Using global experience to make renewable and EFW power plants more efficient

Energy from Waste (EFW) plants around the world rely on automated systems from Mitsubishi Electric to optimise performance and ensure maximum levels of efficiency while also achieving rigorous environmental standards for emissions.

2015-11-27 – SPS IPC DRIVES 2015 - Mitsubishi Electric continues its record of innovation in automation technology

Mitsubishi Electric is presenting several innovations in key automation technologies at the SPS IPC Drives. These cutting edge technologies have been developed to enhance the productivity, efficiency and performance of production plants across all industrial sectors.

2015-11-10 – Preview - The world of automation at SPS IPC Drives

Integrated solutions for manufacturing and production industries are increasingly becoming state-of-the-art. The demand for better quality products, almost immediate availability and more product variants is constantly growing: Traceability, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), and resource management for example are becoming increasingly important for innovative companies...

2015-10-15 – Italian EMO fair proves major success for Mitsubishi Electric

Visitor traffic on Mitsubishi Electric’s stand at the recent EMO exhibition was especially high this year as the company launched its new generation of computer numerical control (CNC), the M800/M80 Series. The novelty is working with an innovative operating concept based on a new, ultra high speed, CNC-specific central processor unit.

2015-11-03 – History and the future both influence the latest automated production innovations of today

Mitsubishi Electric will have many of its key technologies on show at the EMO Exhibition (Milan, Italy, 5-10 October 2015, Hall 3, Stand H18/L17), where experts will also be on hand for discussions and demonstrations.

2015-09-17 – Mapping the clearest route to project completion

RWM exhibition, Birmingham, 15.-17.9.2015 Whether it is for a small renewable energy plant or a full-scale power station, often the hardest part of a control engineering project is the start. A popular and market-proven tool from Mitsubishi Electric and its e-F@ctory partner Adroit Technologies not only makes the planning stage easier, but also helps reduce the time and cost to completion of...

2015-07-30 – Industry 4.0 in the Food and Beverage industry

The practical advantages that the new cyber-physical interface of Industry 4.0 brings are acknowledged by engineers across a range of industries. Jeremy Shinton, Product Manager UK – Business Solutions at Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V., UK Branch, Automation Systems Division, explains how food and drink manufacturers in particular can benefit from the implementation of Industry 4.0:

2015-04-28 – “MELFA SafePlus” enables robots and humans work together in harmony

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new optional Safety Solution “MELFA SafePlus” for its MELFA F Series industrial robots. The new technology limits the speed, range of movement or torque of the robot when safety sensors are activated, allowing operators to work in close proximity to a moving robot.

2014-03-18 – Innovation in Packaging applications with Mitsubishi Electric’s Motion Control technology

Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in the three principal application areas for servo drives in industrial automation: robotics, CNC and general motion control (GMC). Mitsubishi manufactures its own technologies in all of these fields, something which very few other manufacturers can match. Combining this capability with unmatched service results in control solutions enabling ...

2014-03-12 – IFAT preview - Mitsubishi Electric diseña soluciones especiales de gestión del agua

En este año IFAT - la feria más importante del mundo para la gestión del agua, aguas residuales, residuos y materias primas - Mitsubishi Electric, junto con su filial ME-Automation Projects GmbH (anteriormente KH-Automation Projects), presentará una gama de soluciones innovadoras diseñadas para el mercado del agua. Las dos compañías compartirán stand A5 425/524 en el pabellón 5.

2014-02-06 – Producción en panadería lista para el futuro gracias a la transparencia de los datos

Mitsubishi Electric está cambiando el enfoque a la industria de la panadería con su presentación "El aumento de la productividad a través de la Tecnología de Automatización en la Industria Alimentaria". Stefan Knauf, key account manager de Alimentos y Bebidas, CPG, estudiará las opciones para mejorar la eficiencia...

2014-01-28 – e-F@ctory Alliance welcome Eplan as new member

In parallel with Eplan joining the e-F@ctory Alliance, Mitsubishi Electric Europe have been welcomed into Eplan’s “Community of efficient engineering”. This was agreed between Maximilian Brandl, Chairman of Eplan’s board of Management, and Hartmut Pütz, President of Mitsubishi Electric’s European Factory Automation Business Group, during a meeting at the SPS IPC Drives fair 2013 in Nuremberg...

2014-01-07 – Mitsubishi Electric launches its high performance HMI/SCADA software, MAPS, in Scandinavia

Mitsubishi Electric has launched MAPS (Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite) in the strategically important regions of Scandinavia and the Baltic States. Mitsubishi explains that MAPS offers much more than a simple SCADA system. It is a complete life-cycle management tool. One of its main benefits is almost infinite scalability: MAPS can be used for complex process-oriented solutions...

2013-11-26 – New FR-A770 690V frequency inverters: high performance in harsh environments

The new FR-A770 inverters – high-performance devices with an operating voltage of 690 volts – are Mitsubishi Electric’s latest additions to the tried and tested FR-A700 series. The FR-A770 inverters are based on the successful FR-A740-EC models and are ideally suited for use in harsh environments.

2013-11-26 – Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite 3.0 perfects life cycle management

Mitsubishi Electric will be presenting the next generation, version 3.0, of MAPS (Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite) at this year’s SPS IPC Drives (Hall 7, Stand 380). MAPS 3.0 is the optimised HMI/SCADA life cycle management software that offers virtually unlimited scalability for versatile use.

2013-12-12 – KH-Automation Projects GmbH becomes ME-Automation Projects GmbH

KH-Automation Projects GmbH, which has been part of Mitsubishi Electric Group since mid 2013, is changing its name on 1st January 2014 - subject to completion of the formalities for entry in the Trade Register - to ME-Automation Projects GmbH.

2013-12-12 – Mitsubishi provided a look at its future automation solutions at SPS IPC Drives 2013

At this year's SPS IPC Drives, Mitsubishi Electric provided visitors with a look into the future of its automation solutions. For the first time in Europe, the successors to the globally popular compact MELSEC FX PLC series and the latest generation modular MELSEC iQ Platform were on show, alongside the new GOT2000 series touch screen HMI and the new FR-A800 high-end frequency inverter range.

2013-11-27 – Nueva serie GOT2000: HMIs con función multi-touch y control de gestos

Mejoras en facilidad de uso, expansión de funciones, alta relación coste-eficiencia y una óptima integración con los productos de Mitsubishi Electric – son algunas de las prestaciones de la nueva serie GOT2000 HMI que Mitsubishi Electric ha presentado en la feria de SPS IPC Drives en Nuremberg. La sucesora de la altamente exitosa gama GOT1000 HMI mejoraran la productividad y la eficiencia...

2013-11-26 – Mitsubishi Electric presenta el nuevo PLC modular MELSEC iQ-R

Mitsubishi Electric ha presentado el nuevo concepto de controlador modular, MELSEC iQ-R, por primera vez en Europa en la feria SPS IPC Drives 2013 en Nuremberg. Comparado con su predecesor, el exitoso MELSEC System Q, el nuevo controlador modular de altas prestaciones reducirá considerablemente los costes de desarrollo así como de mantenimiento y operación. Al mismo tiempo, las prestaciones....

2013-11-26 – Nueva serie MELSEC FX5 de Mitsubishi Electric – la nueva generación de PLCs

El Nuevo MELSEC FX5 es la nueva generación del exitoso PLC que Mitsubishi Electric lanzará al mercado. Se trata del sucesor del avanzado MELSEC FX3, que avanzará drásticamente la productividad de los equipos y reducirá los costes totales de operación así como el consumo energético. La nueva serie de PLC ofrece ventajas significativas sobre sus predecesores y es plenamente compatible con la ...

2013-11-26 – 3D-based robot technology: Adaptive handling for Mitsubishi Electric robots

Visitors to the Mitsubishi Electric stand (Hall 7, Stand 380) at this year’s SPS IPC Drives will be able to experience live the latest developments in the field of 3D-based robotics. Mitsubishi Electric, along with partner isys vision GmbH, will be presenting the RoboView 3D stereo vision system that allows adaptive handling by MELFA robots. For the trade fair, the system has been integrated in ..

2013-11-26 – Nuevo variador de frecuencia serie FR-A800 proporciona las máximas prestaciones en maquinaria y equipos

Una de las estrellas del stand de Mitsubishi Electric de este año en la feria SPS IPC Drives ha sido la nueva generación de variadores de frecuencia FR-A800. Este variador ultramoderno ha sido especialmente diseñado para un uso en planta y en la maquinaria garantizando mayores prestaciones, productividad y eficiencia en los equipos. Al mismo tiempo, los últimos conceptos en tecnología de...

2013-11-26 – Guaranteed safety: New WS-V low-voltage circuit breakers in ASTA-certified switchgear cabinet system

The challenge for designers and installers of low-voltage switchgears and control units is how to meet the rigorous approval requirements for user protection and system safety under normal operating conditions, for example in the case of a short circuit or overvoltage, and also those for protection against misuse in general. The method for providing proof of this compliance based on type testing.

2013-11-22 – Company nxtControl - Distributed control specialist - strengthens

Mitsubishi Electric Europe’s network partnership of specialist automation companies has been expanded with the addition of nxtControl. They are market leading experts in hardware independent programming for distributed control systems.

2013-11-21 – AUVESY joins Mitsubishi Electric’s e‑F@ctory Alliance

Company AUVESY GmbH & Co KG has joined the e‑F@ctory Alliance, a partner initiative of Mitsubishi Electric Europe for offering market leading industrial automation solutions. The German company AUVESY, located in Landau, are experts in automated backup and version control of software used in manufacturing and production environments.

2013-11-11 – Next Generations – Experience the future live at SPS IPC Drives

At this year's SPS IPC Drives, Mitsubishi Electric will be giving visitors a closer look into the future of its automation solutions. For the first time in Europe, the successors to the compact MELSEC FX PLC series and the modular automation concept MELSEC iQ Platform, the brilliant HMI GOT2000 series and the FR-A800 high-end frequency inverter will be presented.

2013-11-07 – Mitsubishi Electric’s iQ Platform: full automation on one rack

Machine tool manufacturers have been successfully combining Mitsubishi Electric CNC and robot technology in their systems for years and consequently promoting unmanned production. The iQ Platform from Mitsubishi Electric permits not only the seamless combination of CNC and robot CPUs but also of PLC and Motion Control CPUs – an integrated solution that is unique throughout the industry...

2013-10-29 – Mega project uses Mitsubishi Electric controls to improve Sussex coast water quality

One of the most ambitious wastewater treatment projects in Europe, designed to process several towns’ wastewater and improve water quality along the Sussex coast, has been speeded along because of the ease of integration of Mitsubishi Electric control equipment.

2013-10-10 – Mitsubishi Electric to Strengthen FA Product Services in Turkey

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced that its sales subsidiary Mitsubishi Electric Turkey A.Ş. established a new factory automation (FA) center at its location in the Ümraniye district of Istanbul to provide enhanced services to locally operating manufacturers, especially Japanese automotive and component manufacturers, starting October 1.

2013-09-12 – Mitsubishi Electric launches new webstore for automation software

The new e-F@ctory Alliance software webstore is a first for the automation business and offers a huge range of incredibly useful ‘approved’ automation software and dedicated function blocks available for instant download. Programs on offer also include partner solutions that have been developed alongside Mitsubishi Electric to support users to find best practice solutions for their automation...

2013-07-19 – Mitsubishi Electric Launches Industrial Automation Business in Turkey

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced that its local Turkish entity, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey A.Ş., has integrated the operations of GENEL TEKNİK SİSTEMLER SANAYİ ve TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (GTS) and is now inaugurating sales of industrial automation systems under a new 42-person organization encompassing five sales offices in the country.

2013-07-18 – Mitsubishi Electric presenta el FX3GE

Mitsubishi Electric ha extendido la familia compacta de PLCs MELSEC FX3G con la introducción de una nueva CPU que lleva puerto Ethernet integrado – la FX3GE. Esta llega como adición a los ya disponibles puertos RS422 y USB, además la nueva CPU añade también dos entradas analógicas (0-10V DC o 4-20mA) y una salida analógica (0-10V DC o 4-20mA).

2013-07-12 – Mitsubishi Electric Europe awards prize to Italian wire drawing line manufacturer in ‘Best HMI screen’ competition

March 2013 saw the second award of the prize in Mitsubishi Electric Europe’s “Best HMI screen competition”, with the prize going to Italian manufacturer Mario Frigerio for its innovative use of HMI technology. Mario Frigerio was one of three winners in Mitsubishi Electric’s hugely popular HMI competition, held to find the most creative use of HMI screens in an application.

2013-06-19 – Los PLCs de Mitsubishi Electric controlan AGVs en una fabrica de motores

Un importante fabricante de automoción se beneficia de una mayor producción en sus motores gracias a la utilización de vehículos guiados automáticamente (AGV) para transferir componentes a diferentes estaciones en el proceso de montaje. La clave para el diseño y funcionamiento de los AGV son los PLC de la serie MELSEC-L de Mitsubishi Electric.

2013-06-10 – Award recognizes Mitsubishi Electric MR-J4 servo as ‘giant leap forward in precision motion’

Mitsubishi Electric’s latest MR-J4 series of servo amplifiers has won a prestigious ‘Product of the Year’ award in the Motors, Drives and Motion product category of the annual industry awards organised by respected European industry title Control Engineering Czech.

2013-06-13 – Mitsubishi Electric sponsors WorldSkills Leipzig 2013

1000 trainees and skilled workers, 67 countries and regions, 46 official competitive disciplines, 200,000 visitors, 3000 specialists, 1000 journalists and 38 robots from Mitsubishi Electric – this is the vocational World Cup. From 2 to 7 July, the best skilled workers in the world will be competing at the WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 event by demonstrating their abilities in a wide variety of ...

2013-05-29 – Mitsubishi Electric cumple con el estandard PLCOpen

Mitsubishi Electric ha sido galardonado con el Certificado de Cumplimiento PLCOpen en sus bloques de función para el control de movimiento del módulo de motion simple y el software GX Works2. La certificación reconoce el cumplimiento de estos productos con las normas IEC61131-3 en la aplicación de control de los bloques de funciones de movimiento, ...

2013-06-04 – Lanzamiento de la expoción e-F@ctory Alliance en el mundo virtual

La exposición e-F@ctory Alliance es la primera exposición completa que se realiza con nueva plataforma de exhibición virtual de Mitsubishi Electric, y la primera muestra virtual para ofrecer una gran experiencia gráfica y convincente a los visitantes.

2013-04-26 – Mitsubishi Electric crea una nueva división de corte por láser en Polonia

El 1 de enero de 2013, Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV estableció una nueva división de tratamiento por láser para cubrir Europa del Este (ECE) y Central. Situada en Europa central en Balice, Polonia, la División de LPM prestará servicios de máquinas de procesamiento láser completas para los usuarios, así como la capacitación técnica...

2013-04-24 – Mitsubishi Electric y Raima crean un proceso seguro de manipulación de datos

El control y la gestión de un sistema complejo es difícil en cualquier momento. Sin embargo, los usuarios de proceso (por ejemplo agua, petro-química) y las industrias de infraestructura, como el ferrocarril, los aeropuertos o los sistemas de metro subterráneo tiene la complejidad añadida de tener que hacer lo mismo a distancias extremas con la miles de puntos de E/S

2013-04-15 – Eficiencia Energética con Mitsubishi Electric y KH-Automation en WASSER BERLIN 2013

En la feria WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL (23 – 26 Abril 2013), Mitsubishi Electric y KH-Automation mostraron soluciones de automatización para el sector del agua. Las dos compañías se especializan en los sistemas para los sectores del agua, aguas residuales y residuos. Los puntos focales son la eficiencia energética, mantenimiento remoto, mantenimiento preventivo y control de estado.

2013-03-26 – Tendencias de la tecnología de control: ¿hay un futuro para el PLC?

Cambio define el mundo. Los desafíos actuales de la sociedad van des del cambio demográfico hacia una creciente escasez de recursos naturales. La automatización, también está cambiando: las tendencias futuras en la tecnología de control sugieren que la tecnología de control cambiará ... Los expertos de Mitsubishi Electric ya estan ofreciendo soluciones preparadas para el futuro.

2013-03-21 – Mitsubishi Electric ocupa el segundo paso importante en el mercado de la automatización de Turquía

Tras el establecimiento de Mitsubishi Electric Turquía en enero de 2013 por Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, el grupo Mitsubishi Electric ha adquirido el 100% de su socio de distribución GENEL TEKNIK Sistemler SANAYİ ve Ticaret ANONIM Sirketi (GTS). Este importante paso en el desarrollo de un firme compromiso con el mercado turco sigue un ...

2013-03-14 – Mitsubishi Electric Europe awards prizes to winners of ‘Best HMI Screen’ competition

Mitsubishi Electric Europe has announced the three winners of its “Best HMI screen competition” – two from Italy and one from the Czech Republic. The hugely popular and successful competition was held to find the most creative use of HMI screens in an application, with each winner receiving a Samsung tablet as a prize.

2013-03-05 – Mitsubishi Electric to Expand Factory Automation Business in India

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) anunció que su filial Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt.. Ltd. ofrecerá centro de desarrollo de Factory Automation (FA) en sus instalaciones para la expansión de negocios en la India. El Centro de Desarrollo de FA Indian fortalecerá las funciones de investigación y desarrollo en el negocio de FA para satisfacer mejor las necesidades del mercado indio.

2013-03-05 – Líneas inteligentes de transporte alinean quiches en cocción de precisión

En la campaña para reducir los envases y sus residuos resultantes, un constructor de maquinaria especializada ha desarrollado un transportador de cola sin presión para alinear quiches antes de hornear.

2013-02-26 – Cyber seguridad – que viene ahora?

Los incidentes de gravedad con el malware Stuxnet, proporcionaron un oportuno recordatorio de que tenemos que tomar medidas eficaces para proteger los sistemas de control de procesos y de infraestructura de los ataques del ciberespacio. Thomas Lantermann, Business Development Manager Senior en Mitsubishi Electric, analiza donde se encuentran las vulnerabilidades y cómo el problema se agravará

2013-02-19 – La serie GOT1000 de terminales ofrecen funciones de supervisión del sistema de programa de SFC avanzadas para facilitar la solución de problemas

En los sistemas de automatización con programas complejos SFC (Sequential Function Chart) y múltiples controladores de movimiento, ejes servo, sistema de monitoreo y solución de problemas ha requerido tradicionalmente realizar las conexiones de PC individuales para cada parte del sistema de control - algo que es lento y poco práctico. Con los paneles de operador series GOT1000, Mitsubishi

2013-02-13 – Mitsubishi Electric optimiza el tratamiento de aguas residuales y plantas de purificación de Irlanda en un tiempo récord

El objetivo de los operadores de una planta de tratamiento de aguas residuales y cuatro plantas asociadas de purificación en el Este de Irlanda era reducir los costos de operación en curso a través de la modernización. Para ello, la planta fue actualizada mediante la instalación de componentes de automatización de Mitsubishi Electric. Se trataba de tomar los requisitos de rendimiento así como...

2013-02-12 – Óptima parametrización de servos con un solo clic - "ajuste de un toque" con la serie de amplificadores MELSERVO MR-J4

Mitsubishi Electric presentó en la Stutensee Fachpressetage en Karlsruhe su nueva serie de amplificadores MELSERVO MR-J4 con la función de "ajuste de un toque". En comparación con la serie anterior, la serie MR-J4 simplifica la operación y la puesta en marcha una vez más, al tiempo que garantiza un alto nivel de rendimiento al mismo tiempo. Resultado: mayor seguridad

2013-02-12 – La Empresa de Producción integrada en 2020

La globalización, la creciente sofisticación del cliente y la escasez de recursos son los desafíos que afronta la industria de procesos, y en 2020 estos serán aún más agudos. Hacer frente a estos retos dependerá de estructuras que permitan la planificación totalmente automatizada, programación dinámica y los procesos totalmente optimizados para controlar los costos de producción.

2013-01-24 – Water industry moves to less data, more information

Regulators are driving the water industry to adopt Whole Life Asset Management, as the best way to ensure overall efficiency, keep prices down and quality up. This has created a need, not for more data but for better information, so the recent ‘Driving Innovations in the Water Industry Conference’ hosted by Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.’s, UK Branch looked at how some companies...

2013-01-22 – Funciones avanzadas de monitorización en los terminales gráficos GOT1000 de Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric ha introducido interesantes nuevas funciones de monitorización en la serie GOT1000 de terminales gráficos de operador, proporcionando un único entorno de monitorización de PLCs, controladores motion, CNCs, controladores de robot, módulos inteligentes de E/S. Adicionalmente, funciones de monitorización de red, proporciona una visión global del estado de la red de un vistazo.

2013-01-30 – Mitsubishi Electric to Acquire KH-Automation Projects and Expand Project Management Reach

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) and KH-Automation Projects GmbH, a subsidiary of Koop Holding Group and long term strategic partner of Mitsubishi Electric, announced by mutual agreement that Mitsubishi Electric will acquire 100% share of KH-Automation. This strategic acquisition brings together two partners who have enjoyed a close working relationship over the past 12 years.

2012-12-14 – Mitsubishi Electric Establishes Sales Company in Indonesia

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced that it has established a sales company in Indonesia, named PT. Mitsubishi Electric Indonesia (Mitsubishi Electric Indonesia), to handle sales of air-conditioning systems, home appliances and factory automation (FA) beginning in March 2013.

2012-12-13 – Mitsubishi Electric Europe improves PLC-based data logging

In the push for increased overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), reduced energy usage, improved traceability, analysis of key performance indicators and more, the vital ingredient is data. Barry Weller, Product Manager-iQ Platform, Automation Systems Division of Mitsubishi Electric Europe’s UK Branch discusses why data logging has become an essential feature of modern production line and why...

2012-12-06 – La función Data logging proporciona trazabilidad a los terminales gráficos de Mitsubishi Electric

Los terminales gráficos serie GOT1000 de Mitsubishi Electric ofrecen ahora funcionalidades mejoradas de data logging, permitiendo registrar datos de dispositivos remotos como son los PLC, variadores de frecuencia, servo accionamientos y controladores de temperatura. Esto reduce la carga de trabajo del PLC y mejora las prestaciones de la máquina, asegurando la completa trazabilidad de la producción

2012-12-04 – MELSERVO series ahora compatibles con redes abiertas y motores de terceros

Mitsubishi Electric ha mejorado sus servoaccionamientos y motion control con soporte a redes soportando EtherNet/IP, PROFINET y EtherCAT

2012-12-04 – Energy recovery in vertical lift system thanks to the latest inverter technology from Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric showcased energy-saving solutions on stand 380 hall 7 at this year’s SPS IPC Drives. One of the focal points is an exhibit that stands approximately five metres high and highlights the way a Hänel Lean-Lift® operates. The Hänel EcoDrive® lift system for intralogistics tasks uses the compact Mitsubishi Electric FR-A741 frequency inverter with integrated energy recovery function.

2012-12-04 – Mitsubishi Electric presenta su solución en unidades terminales remotas RTUs

Las innovadoras soluciones permiten a los procesos totalmente automatizados ser controlados remotamente, lo que significa la reducción al mínimo del personal empleado. En conexión con esto, Mitsubishi Electric presenta su nueva gama Remote Terminal Units inteligentes (smart RTUs).

2012-12-04 – Combatir costes elevados de la energia con sistemas de gestión de la enerdía de Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric ha producido un conjunto de tecnologias innovadoras para la gestión eficiente de la energía conjuntamente con sus partners de la alianza e-F@ctory

2012-11-13 – Gane una tablet Samsung Galaxy con en la competición “Best HMI Screen” de Mitsubishi Electric

Con miles de colores, y cientos de gráficos pre definidos, los HMI de hoy en día, son funcionales, altamente efectivos y herramientas esenciales en la interacción hombre-máquina. Mitsubishi lanza una competición para demostrar la creatividad de los usuarios en desarrollar diseños de pantallas HMI. Esta competición permite a los usuarios mostrar sus habilidades independientemente de que modelo usen

2012-10-31 – Datos: seguros al alcance de la mano

Raima y Mitsubishi Electric han extendido su colaboración en e-F@ctory basada en la base de datos Raima RDM y el C Controller basado en la iQ Platform de Mitsubishi Electric, para proporcionar datos seguros directamente a dispositivos mobiles, incluyendo ipads bajo demanda.

2012-10-30 – La serie GOT1000 de Mitsubishi reduce el tiempo de puesta en marcha encontrando y resolviendo errores rápidamente

Un error inesperado a menudo puede significar correr a la oficina para verificar el programa de PLC en un PC para identificar e intentar solventar el problema. La función One Touch Ladder Jump en los terminales Mitsubishi Electric GT15 y GT16 de la serie GOT1000 eliminan la necesidad a los ingenieros de volver al PC para verificar programas ladder.

2012-10-23 – Los variadores Mitsubishi F700 ahora ofrecen soporte BACnet para aplicaciones de edificios como estándar

Mitsubishi Electric ha mejorado los variadores FR-F700-EC para que soporten BACnet, el protocolo de comunicación más común en control de edificios, facilitando de esta forma la integración de FR-F700-EC e este tipo de aplicaciones.

2012-10-18 – Variador que mejora las soluciones de agua y de bombeo

Mitsubishi Electric ha actualizado la famila de variadores FR-F700-EC con numerosas funciones para las necesidades específicas de las aplicaciones para el agua y el bombeo. Las nuevas funciones incluyen la pre-carga de tuberia, el PLC integrado, expansión de E/S y calculador PID con unidades.

2012-10-16 – Los terminales Mitsubishi Electric HMI proporcionan fun enlace transparente entre PCs y componentes de automatización

Complejas líneas de producción e instalaciones pueden a menudo tener componentes clave localizados en diferentes extremos de la máquina, en diferentes habitaciones o incluso diferentes pisos. Pero en estos sistemas descentralizados es muy difícil depurar el programa de PLC durante la puesta en marcha . Los terminales GOT1000 eliminan estos problemas gracias a una función modo transparente FA

2012-09-25 – La función backup/restores de los terminales HMI Mitsubishi Electric permite un cambio rápido de PLC

Cuando el paro de maquinaria puede costar miles de euros la hora. El fallo de un PLC puede ser un gran problema. Cambiar la CPU es la mitad de la historia, la otra mitad es recuperar el backup. Los terminales HMI serie GOT1000, incluyen la función de backup del PLC en la aplicación GOT.

2012-09-11 – HMIs from Mitsubishi Electric fit the toughest system and budget requirements

Mitsubishi Electric has extended its GOT1000 series of HMIs to provide a comprehensive range of terminals, with everything from compact models with basic functions right through to high performance models with full multimedia capability and a host of features and functions including embedded communications.

2012-09-14 – Mitsubishi Electric brings automation to baking technology and optimises production efficiency

This year, for the first time, Mitsubishi Electric – a long-term baking technology partner – will have its own stand at the iba trade fair to be held in Munich from 16-21 September 2012. The company will be presenting its comprehensive range of automation components for bakeries on stand 135 in hall B4. The highlight of the stand will be an interactive live application.

2012-08-09 – Mitsubishi Electric lanza su nueva empresa en Brasil para ventas y servicio de productos de automatización industrial

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that it has established a new company in São Paulo, Brazil to strengthen its computerized numerical controller (CNC) business in the Brazilian market. The new company, MELCO CNC do Brasil Comércio e Serviços S.A., will target annual sales of USD 25 million by March 2016.

2012-08-08 – Mitsubishi Electric GT14 – la nueva HMI de formato 5.7"

Con la nueva GT14 en la familia GOT1000 de terminales HMIs, Mitsubishi Electric marca un nuevo estándar de funcionalidades en el rango de las 5.7".

2012-08-01 – Mitsubishi Electric construirá una nueva instalación para producción de equipos de automatización industrial en Nagoya Works

Tokyo, July 10, 2012 – Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that it will build a new production facility for factory automation products at the company’s Nagoya Works, located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The 6.5 billion yen facility is expected to start operation in January 2014, and will play a key role in meeting the growing global demand.

2012-07-17 – Simplifying data communications wins award for Mitsubishi Electric

The Food and Beverage Industry has voted a unique Mitsubishi Electric integrated communications solution as the most important technological development of the year. This is the second year in a row that Mitsubishi has triumphed at the Food Processing Awards Ceremony of the prestigious Appetite for Engineering food industry event.

2012-07-12 – “Energy Control Pack” from Mitsubishi Electric ensures stable energy supply

Mitsubishi Electric’s “Energy Control Pack” (ECP) is a solution for ensuring a stable energy supply for production. The ECP enables a wide range of energy-related information from automation systems to be collected and displayed, thus providing an accurate overview of the energy usage of individual machines or drives.

2012-07-04 – Mitsubishi Electric publica el informe medioambiental del 2012

Tokyo, July 2, 2012 – Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today the immediate issuance of the Mitsubishi Electric Group’s environmental report for fiscal 2012 ending March 31, 2012 at http://www.MitsubishiElectric.com/company/environment. Since 1993, the Mitsubishi Electric Group has adopted a new environmental plan every three years to set medium-term targets and policies,

2012-06-27 – FELTEN adds new green flavour to Mitsubishi Electric’s growing e-F@ctory Alliance partnership program

Leading specialist MES supplier to global food, flavours and pharmaceutical industries FELTEN Group has been added to the pantheon of Mitsubishi e-F@ctory Alliance partners with two distinct innovations, one is a specialist MES integration and the other a green energy solution.

2012-06-25 – The process industry in 2020

The automation of production is continually increasing, and the process industry area in particular is leading the way. Today, for example, it is already impossible to think of the downstream packaging industry without robot technology. Re-tooling times can be minimised by its use and production can be structured in a considerably more flexible and cost effective way.

2012-06-05 – Mitsubishi Electric extiende las capacidades de los HMI más allá de la simple visualización

Con la serie GOT1000 de HMIs, Mitsubishi Electric ofrece una extansa gama de terminales de operador con funcionalidades extansas más allá de la simple visualización, proporcionando prestaciones adicionales para reucir los tiempos de paro, permitir rápidas recuperaciones de simples errores, e incrementar la eficiencia de la producción.

2012-05-14 – Con el nuevo partner de la alianza e-F@ctory; Visual Components - los robots Mitsubishi entran en el mundo de la simulación 3D

The Finnish 3D factory simulation software expert Visual Components has joined the Mitsubishi Electric e-F@ctory Alliance - having integrated all of Mitsubishi’s Robots into its industry leading ‘3DRealize R’ automation simulation software.

2012-04-25 – Mitsubishi Electric establece nuevos estandares de prestaciones con los nuevos robots SCARA serie F

Mitsubishi Electric has extended its RH range of MELFA SCARA robots with the launch of the new F Series, setting new benchmark standards for speed, flexibility, ease of integration and simplicity of programming. Combining a wide area of coverage with the industry’s fastest cycle times, the F Series provides a cost-effective means to boost productivity on critical production lines.

2012-04-24 – MELSERVO MR-J4 – Inovativa nueva tecnología para mejorar la seguridad, la productibidad y la eficiencia energética

With the introduction of the new MELSERVO MR-J4 series - and corresponding positioning modules, motion modules and high-end motion control systems - Mitsubishi Electric is now offering a servo amplifier which will enable machine manufacturers and end customers to improve both safety within the production process and productivity, while guaranteeing ease of operation and commissioning at same time.

2012-04-17 – Removing layers of system complexity helps to boost productivity

To meet the challenges of modern process control, companies are looking for the means to increase flexibility, to boost efficiency and to increase productivity. This calls for a new approach to enterprise-wide integration that enables a seamless flow of information through all levels of the business, from the plant floor to higher level business systems.

2012-03-15 – Mitsubishi Electric and COPA-DATA strengthen cooperation to provide access to IEC61850 and IEC61400-25-4

Mitsubishi Electric and COPA-DATA have announced their cooperation in the framework of the e-F@ctory Alliance Partner Program. The cooperation is based on porting COPA-DATA’s IEC61131-3 Soft PLC, straton, to Mitsubishi’s C Controller CPU of the iQ Platform. Users can then gain access to a number of drivers and communication protocols such as IEC61850 and IEC61400-25-4.

2012-03-13 – Celda robotizada de precisión para la industria farmaceutica emplea tecnolofia de automatización de Mitsubishi Electric

At the SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2012 in Nuremberg, Mitsubishi Electric has presented a production cell with an integrated RH-3SDHR industrial SCARA robot for use in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. The application is designed for handling single-use syringes by removing them from the production conveyor belt for further processing after filling.

2012-01-24 – Guaranteed safety of tested low voltage switchgear assemblies complete with Mitsubishi Electric low voltage switchgear

To make the designers life easier there is now a tested alternative that delivers preassembled cabinets, built around type tested low voltage switchgear from Mitsubishi Electric, offering ASTA certification and conformance to EN 61439 as standard.

2012-01-18 – Next generation of development engineers use industrial robots from Mitsubishi Electric at WorldSkills

31 compact RV-2SDB industrial robots from Mitsubishi Electric were put through their paces at the recent WorldSkills international skills event held in London. Integrated into modular production systems (MPS) from Festo Didactic.

2012-01-11 – Mitsubishi Electric’s C CPU opens up the world of automation for easier system development

Systems designers, who prefer the flexibility of PC based control, have previously had to choose between industrial PCs or embedded microcontrollers for their bespoke automation control systems now have a third option: Mitsubishi Electric’s C-language controller.

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