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How to register software?


1. Go to the starting page and login at MyMitsubishi

Go to Registración de software and login with your MyMitsubishi account. You can also login to MyMitsubishi first and then go to Mi perfil, Mis Productos, Registración de software.

2. Review your software registrations

If you did not yet register software on this website you can continue with the next step. Otherwise please review your software registrations and then click on "Add" to register a new software or licence key.

3. Select software and enter licence key

Please select your software from the list and enter your licence key. If your software does not require a licence key leave the field blank. After that click on "Save". The registration will not be saved into our database until you finish the next step.

4. Enter software details

You can enter additional details about your software. Please enter your company name. All other information is optional. Click on "Save" to save the registration into our database.

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